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About Us

man holding womans arms

At Movement Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy, we provide physical therapy services to the people across San Diego, California, and beyond – and we couldn’t be more proud of the results that we’ve achieved across our years operating. Different physical therapy techniques can help you to overcome physical ailments and injuries in a powerful fashion, and make your life that much easier by building up your strength and stamina. We’re proud to provide a range of services that have such a positive impact on peoples’ day to day life. We’ve always managed to delight our previous customers with our dedication and passion for quality service, and this is no doubt part of the reason that we receive so much interest in our services from customer referrals and word of mouth – our previous customers only have positive things to say about our team.

The physical therapist and nutritionist teams are the best in the business, and more than capable of dealing with any situation that they’re handed. They’ll work with diligence and empathy, understanding that each and every person out there makes progress at their own pace. We hold very high standards for all of our team members, and fortunately, they always manage to reach or exceed those standards. We offer a range of value-packed, affordable service provisions, so if you have any need for such a service, we’re the premier option in the region. To arrange a consultation or to get further information on our services, give us a call immediately.

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